Welcome to the official site for Roy Asfar. Here you’ll learn about digital marketing technology and executive strategy.

Why are these two things important for your business? Because the most successful leaders know how to create a technology strategy for their competitive advantage. And then they empower their teams to get it done.

Let me show you this at a high level.

First, when you empower your teams, they will be unleashed to transform your business. Freedom from bureaucracy makes for a more creative and proactive workforce.

Next, you’ll be building a healthy culture inside your company because your confidence in your employees will shine. And finally, a greater confidence among your tech-savvy teams will result in superior digital experiences for your customers.

From the executive’s perspective, technology becomes bold instead of scary, you’ll generate consistent returns on investment, and your customers will be more loyal and profitable than ever before.

This is a story I am telling through my blog, Master Digital Transformation.

What are Digital Transformation Technologies?

In a nutshell, digital transformation converts your offline business practices into a much more efficient technology-based model. In other words, paper becomes data, broadcast messages become personal, and company silos morph to form teams.

And then you’ll drive cultural change within your organizations, and create new value in all your customer interactions.

These technologies span an ever-increasing range, including data governance and analytics, cloud services, user and customer journey marketing, marketing automation, content strategy, search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, commerce, social media, personalization, display and pay per click (PPC) advertising, and much more.

Finally, be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Digital transformation is infinite.  You’ll always be learning.

How Can You Learn More about Technology and Digital Marketing?

Need help focusing on your team’s mission in the digital era? Learn more on my blog, Master Digital Transformation.

My blog focuses in four key categories, Leadership, Strategy, Technology and Customer Experience.

Study these categories each day, stay abreast of technological changes, and you’ll soon be mastering your own digital transformation. In conclusion, you’ll understand your customers, their behavior and buying patterns and you will better serve them for years to come.

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